Kyra's Bake Shop

Welcome! You've found Kyra's Bake Shop, formerly called Crave Bake Shop. While we still provide you the same delicious crave-worthy treats with smiling customer-service, we wanted to differentiate our name from the dozens of new products out there using this delectable word.

Same great taste. Pure. Simple. Delicious.

Why? Because I know what it’s like to sit aside at birthday parties or Thanksgiving dinner and not be included in the celebration because of a gluten allergy. You just don’t feel quite like a part of it all when you can’t eat what everyone else is eating. And no one else wants to eat the gluten-free dessert because they don’t think it will taste as good. At Kyra's Bake Shop, we are devoted to bringing joy and celebration and inclusion back to you. And the way we do this is by making the best artisan-crafted cakes, cinnamon rolls and other pastries you have ever tasted, in a dedicated 100% gluten-free facility!

We promise to make everything with premium ingredients: sweet cream butter, real vanilla, Belgian chocolate, and our own blends of gluten-free flours.

Our pastries speak for themselves. Even if you are not gluten-free, you will love our hand-crafted treats!

- Kyra Bussanich, Founder

Three-Time Winners of the Food Network's Cupcake Wars:

Watch our gluten-free cupcakes take on traditional cupcakes from all over the country-and come out on top!
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