Kyra’s Bake Shop: THREE-Time (and ONLY Gluten-Free) Winner of Food Network’s Cupcake Wars!

We made our first appearance on the popular Food Network show back in 2010 for their Holiday Tree-Lighting episode and were extremely proud to come in second place against other top cupcake bakeries from around the country– especially since we were the only ones baking gluten-free!

Since then, we were asked back for a redemption round in 2011 to celebrate the 100th episode of The Closer, and we won (again, as the only gluten-free competitors)!

We had the honor of returning to the show again in 2012 for a special round of Cupcake Champions, where we went up against other previous Cupcake Wars winners. In our final elimination round, we came out on top against the best of the best and moved on to the grand finale. Though we would have loved to win it all, we are extremely proud of our second place result in the final championship episode! Throughout the entire series, the judges praised our delicious cupcakes, which they never would have guessed were gluten-free.

We took the cake with the Barbie episode where Florian told us we had flawless baking all day and he loved every cupcake we put in front of him.

Over the past four years, we have created a lot of incredible flavors for each show, which have become customer favorites:

Holiday Tree Lighting (Season 2, episode 1):

Chai Spice: spice cake with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, nutmeg and black pepper, topped with a black pepper meringue

Eggnog: eggnog scented cake filled with eggnog pastry cream, topped with rum-nutmeg Italian meringue buttercream

Peppermint Hot Chocolate: chocolate cake filled with peppermint dark chocolate ganache, topped with toasted marshmallow meringue


The Closer, 100th Episode (Season 4, Episode 3):

Coffee & Doughnuts: nutmeg-laced cake dipped in vanilla glaze, topped with espresso Italian meringue buttercream

Ding Dong: chocolate cake filled with vanilla buttercream, dipped in Belgian dark chocolate

Boston Cream Pie: vanilla cake filled with vanilla bean pastry cream, topped with chocolate Italian meringue buttercream

Apple Fritter: cinnamon cake filled with salted caramel apple compote, topped with cinnamon Italian meringue buttercream


Cupcake Champions: Madagascar 3 Premiere (Season 6, episode 3):

African Yam: yam-spice cake filled with espresso Italian meringue buttercream, topped with clove mascarpone whipped cream

Chocolate Hazelnut: chocolate cake filled with hazelnut-milk chocolate ganache, topped with chocolate hazelnut Italian meringue buttercream and candied hazelnuts

NY Cheesecake: vanilla cake with a cookie crust bottom, filled with raspberry jam, topped with cream cheese frosting and raspberry coulis drizzle


Cupcake Champions: Finale (Season 6, Episode 5):

Lemon Basil: lemon-basil cake dipped in lemon basil glaze, topped with lemon basil mascarpone whipped cream

Spicy Peach Bellini: prosecco cake filled with spicy habanero peach compote, topped with champagne mascarpone whipped cream

Dark Chocolate Delight: chocolate cake filled with dark chocolate ganache, topped with dark chocolate Italian meringue buttercream and a dark chocolate ganache drizzle


Barbie is Moving!: (Season 9, Episode 8):

Caramallow Fluff: chocolate cake dipped in dark chocolate ganache, rolled in Kyra’s Killer Caramel Corn, topped with marshmallow fluff mascarpone whipped cream

California Sunset: orange-scented cake filled with orange mousse, topped with strawberry-passionfruit buttercream

The Flirt: chocolate cake filled with peppermint milk chocolate ganache, topped with peppermint chocolate chip Italian meringue buttercream

Key Lime Pie: ginger molasses cookie crust, vanilla cake filled with key lime cremeaux, topped with toasted Italian meringue